About Shahjahan Sarwar Almani

As you know, journalism is an important part, and the majority rules our society as journalists are the voice of the voiceless. The purpose of a journalist is to inform the community with the information they need to make decisions about and need to live their lives. A journalist plays a significant role in providing relevant news to the public, without which the world would have been ignorant.

So now, let’s begin by introducing myself and my aim as a journalist in the future.

My Aim

Benjamin Franklin once said that ”whoever overthrew a nation’s liberty must begin by judging the freeness of speech there.”

I, Shahjahan Sarwar, being a student of the Faculty of Media and Communication Studies at the University of Central Punjab, believe that journalism is quite essential for the growth of our society as it spreads truth and things that people need to know about. Journalism provides you with great strength of speaking and is also necessary for our freedom, acquisition of justice, and prevalence of equality.

In our society, the impact of media is imperative to explain the 3 essential features of mass media; they may be presenting information/data, entertainment, and education. The first and significant feature of a journalist in our society is to offer information and data to the masses. This is why the existing generation is sometimes termed the information age as well.

Journalism “isn’t always defined by technology, nor by reporters or the strategies they employ.” Instead, “the concepts and motive of a journalist are defined by something more fundamental: the function news plays.

Why Do I Write On Shahjahansarwar.com

At first, journalism used to be just a piece of paper, but now it is much more so with my vision for enhancing the scope of justice and equality in our nation. I aim to use my words and thoughts on history and current affairs politics. As I think that a journalist’s role is much more than just providing facts but also providing the truth behind those facts.

From the perspective of the history of Pakistan, a learned person can provide value to your information. The distorted and unclear history in our public is a sign of ignorance in paying tribute to the legendaries who sacrificed their lives for making Pakistan come on the map of the world. Due to this, writing on the history of Pakistan can add more valuable knowledge to the Pakistani students.

In my sense, a journalist must be accurate and fair. Journalists must be sincere and courageous in gathering, reporting, and interpreting information. So that people are more aware than before to get their fundamental rights about health or education facilities. The ignorance in our society comes to an end, and entrepreneurship increases.

So I wish to continue my work as done before by writing for Daily Times, Dunya Blogs, Pakistan today, etc, and want to play a significant role in the growth of our society.