Why students are lethargic in reading?

There was a time when people used to read extensively. Now, we are confused that why people have lost a sense of reading extensively. Why students are lethargic in reading?

Although the time has changed comparatively, yet books have the same taste and reading fun. In fact, the collective behavior of society is changing in the current time.

In colleges and universities, students have less time for reading. The major portion of their schedule is the involvement in futile activities. Most of the students don’t even care for their precious time.

Students feel that they are advancing in modern technology, but they are about to end their cultural values, traditions, and customs.

The readers are always leaders. The bookworms are the wiser ones among many students.

Of late, students think that Google can do every single chore. It is a big mistake of the students. Education lies in libraries and books. The technology and modern gadgets can give an output for your desired search, which may be outdated, unethical, and replete with misinformation or disinformation.

Many other reasons are there, which are also impactful factors of this lethargy. Like, current concepts of fun are averse to the attitude of a serious person. A serious person is one who reads and understands with concept and insight.

A few days ago, I met with a group of boys. They all were talking about teaching methods in the university they study in. Complaining about the teachers’ attitudes, talking about girls and how do they make up, and getting money from parents trickily for extra expenses was the part of their discussion. I was the one who kept on listening to them.

I just realized there, that such students cannot save the future of our beloved country “Pakistan“. A serious attitude is required for the development of the country and a prosperous nation. But, our young generation in universities is not ready to take their national responsibility as far as I know. It is also true that I may be wrong, but a significant number of students are beating around the bush.

I study at the University of Central Punjab. Including my university, all universities that I have visited so far, have reflected the same non-serious attitude.

Readers must be thinking that why am I stressing about the attitude over and over. Because it is the attitude that troubles you go through books. You must have seen the interview, between a recruiter and an applicant, named ‘Attitude is everything’ on either Facebook or Youtube.

The attitude of our young generation will decide how our future political economy should look like. Multiples reasons are there for mismanaging of schedule and prevalence of non-serious attitude in schools, colleges, and universities.

The hobby of reading can save us from this mental onslaught of modern technology. Modern standards, but not better than old civilization and living culture, have very serious impacts negatively on the youth.

Teachers ought to advise their students to read much as they can. It widens the capacity for mental approach, congenial wisdom, and perception.

I am writing this as it is what I am thinking now. Ignore the mistakes that you find in the ‘grammar and spelling’ point of view.

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